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Israeli soldiers kill Nablus man in cold blood
Israeli soldiers kill Nablus man in cold blood
Alaa Ouda
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Nablus,ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces shot dead a Palestinian near the crossroad of Tafoh in the northern Nablus, media sources reported.

Alray correspondent reported that Alaa Ouda ,33, was killed in cold blood by an Israeli soldier .

Witnesses said that the Israeli military closed the area and prevented Palestinian ambulance crews from approaching the injured young man, leaving him bleeding near the military checkpoint.

Israeli security sources claimed that Ouda shot fires toward the Israeli army and injured one soldier.

The occupation forces stormed the town of " Hawara ", the birthplace of Alaa Ouda, and confiscated his laptop.

Witnesses confirmed  that clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and dozens of Palestinian youth  in several areas in Nablus, specifically near Balata refugee camp .