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Netanyahu called on cabinet to pass force-feeding law
Netanyahu called on cabinet to pass force-feeding law
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY – Hebrew Haaretz newspaper revealed Tuesday morning that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Israeli Cabinet to pass the force-feeding law.

Force-feeding law is a policy Israel follows to force the hunger-striking Palestinian detainees to break their strike.

The law has been passed in the initial reading but waiting for the second and the third ones in order to be approved. 

The Medical Ethics Committee in Israel vehemently rejected the decision, while Netanyahu said that USA allowed force-feeding of Gitmo prisoners.

In a book sent to the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice, the committee said that the Israeli authorities should refrain from enacting such a law, and that there should be an understanding relationship between the doctor and the hunger striker on condition that the doctor should be from outside the IPS.

Dozens of the administrative  detainees continue an indefinite hunger strike for 41 days in a row to demand an end to the administrative detention policy, which allows for the occupation authorities to extend the detention without formal charge.