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Israeli official calls for annexing Area C
Israeli official calls for annexing Area C
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ALRAY - In response to new Palestinian government formation, Israeli MK, Opher Akonis, called for thinking seriously of annexing the Area C of the occupied West Bank that is under the full Israeli sovereignty.

The Oslo II Accord divided the West Bank into three administrative divisions: Area A (full civil and security control by the Palestinian Authority), area B (Palestinian civil control and joint Israeli-Palestinian security control) and area C (full Israeli civil and security control).

According to Kol Israel website, Akonis said that Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu's position in this regard may be changed after forming the new national Palestinian government. The MK confirmed that Israel will not conduct negotiations with any Palestinian government includes Hamas.

Nachman Shai, the Israeli MK, said that the American recognition of the new Palestinian government is a stab Israel. He predicted that the European countries will follow the United States steps.

In contrast to Akonis, Shai described the call for annexation of Area C as a dispensable one for Israel, calling Netanyahu to announce his position clearly.