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Israeli occupation demolishes building in Ramla (video)
Israeli occupation demolishes building in Ramla (video)
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Ramla, ALRAY - bulldozers of the Israeli Municipality demolished on Saturday a four- story building owned by Abu Ghanem family in Ramla city in pre- 1948 occupied Palestine.

The municipality claimed that the house was built with no permit. The locals tried to stop the bulldozers but a large Israeli force prevented them.

The Arab member of Ramla municipality, Hassan Abu Obeid, told "Safa agency" on Sunday the demolition is a systematic Israeli policy to displace the Palestinians from their neighborhoods in the city of Ramla.

The procrastination of the Israeli municipality of not issuing permits and destroying the house directly proved that the permission is only an excuse, he added that.

Nayef Abu Ghanem, the owner of the house, confirmed that he tried to obtain a license through the Israeli courts, but it was in vain. 

Since 1967, about 27,000 Palestinian homes and other structures (livestock pens and fencing for example) crucial for a family’s livelihood, have been demolished in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) .