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AIPU affirms support for inter-Palestinian conciliation
AIPU affirms support for inter-Palestinian conciliation
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RABAT, June 7 (KUNA) -- The 14th session of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union's (AIPU) Executive Committee on Saturday affirmed robust support for the inter-Palestinian conciliation and the Palestinian people's legitimate rights namely establishment of an independent state.

The committee praised the Palestinians' recent formation of a national unity government and expressed hope it would take steps to further bolster the people's unity and promote their just causes, said Faisal Fahad Al-Shaya, the undersecretary of the parliamentary caucas of Kuwait's National Assembly and the AIPU Committee Chairman, in a statement released on Saturday.

It called on Arab governments and parliaments to support the new Palestinian government and secure funds for aiding the Palestinian people "to steadfast in face of pressures." It also called for following up on issue of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel without charges.

The AIPU committee urged the international community aid Lebanon and Jordan in securing basic needs for incoming Syrian refugees.

The commission tackled some international administrative affairs, adopting the organization structure for the union secretariat general, examined terms for pardoning some caucases of overdue debts for the union, endorsed methods for election of the union general secretary and blessed rules pertaining to the parliamentary excellence award.

MP Al-Shaya added in his statement that a decision was to taken to hold the next meeting for the sub-committee in Beirut in September and hold the 15th session of the higher commission in Amman in November. (end) adt.rk