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Group: Two Palestinians die of torture in Syria
Group: Two Palestinians die of torture in Syria
Relatives of Palestinians killed in Syria's infighting (Al Ray Photo)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said two Palestinian brothers from the al-Husayniyah refugee camp have Friday died under torture in a Syrian Army prison.

The group said in a statement that the two brothers Lawrence and Hammam al-Shafie were killed after three days of prison torture.

In a related respect, the group reported that the Syrian army shelled the Khan al-Sheikh refugee camp southwest of Damascus.

Two refugees identified as Nihad Ibrahim and Iyad Ibrahim were Friday injured in gunfire near the suburban town of Atman in Muzeireeb.

The group also unveiled that the army detained Marwan and Osama al-Bitari from the town of al-Ajami-Bader three days ago.

UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees, says more than 70 percent of the Palestine refugees in Syria are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, while more than 50 percent are internally displaced.