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Israeli police neglected the kidnap warnings : Ynet
Israeli police neglected the kidnap warnings : Ynet
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Just 20 hours after  the three yeshiva students went missing, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) held an extensive exercise in the very same area in which the teens were last seen, Ynet site, Israeli daily reported.

Israeli Officers were informed of possible kidnapping almost in real time, but did not act or inform IOF until father of one of them arrived at police station.

In a report published in the site, Ynet explained that Israeli police received a preliminary report about the disappearance of the three settlers in the West Bank at around 10:25 pm, the time of the assumed kidnapping. However , the police did not begin searching for the teens or inform the IOF until Friday afternoon.

A father of one of the missing settlers went to the police in early hours of Friday morning and informed them. At that point, the police realized that the abduction reports were credible.

Israeli security sources explained that what happened is a fatal mistake and an investigation will be opened in the incidents. 

The three settlers were identified as Gil-Ad Shayer from Talmo ,  Naftali Frenkel from Nof Ayalon , and Eyal Yifrah from Elad.

Following kidnapping of three students, Israeli military minister ordered  closure on the Hebron area and border crossings leading to Gaza .