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Final deliberations in Israeli gov't to pass Prisoners force-feeding bill
Final deliberations in Israeli gov't to pass Prisoners force-feeding bill
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ALRAY - The Israeli Knesset Interior Committee is to start Monday a series of deliberations to pass the bill of force-feeding the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike.

The bill passed its first reading in the Knesset with 29 votes on favor while 18 contradicts.

The health of the hunger-striking detainees has been deteriorating as dozens of them were transferred to hospitals. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave order last week to the Israeli Knesset to speed up the procedures of issuing the law.

The hunger strike commenced on 24 April 2014 when approximately 120 detainees began refusing food in protest of their continued administrative detention, which is detention without charge or trial.

The Arab member in the Knesset Basil Ghattas said in a statement that Netanyahu and the Israeli government would use all the available methods to pass the bill and break the strike.

In the next two days, The committee will hold four deliberations in order to speed up the procedures of passing the bill, Ghattas added.

Ghattas considered passing the bill will be an international scandal for Israel on all levels.

In this respect, the medical Association of Israel and several human right institutions expressed their dismay of the bill, considering it as a kind of torture that violates the ethics of the medical profession in Israel.