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Amos claims high level plan behind the missing of three settlers
Amos claims high level plan behind the missing of three settlers
The missing settlers
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ALRAY - Amos Harel,  the military correspondent and defense analyst for Haaretz, claimed  that the missing of three Israeli settlers is an abduction performed at a high level of planning and  strict compartmentalization.

" The operation reflects  a level of planning and performance that is exceptional compared to previous abduction attempts . The attack is reminiscent of the carefully planned abduction of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border in 2006," he added.

He believed that  "Kidnappers " received a gift they hadn’t expected , nearly six hours of total quiet before Israeli security forces launched a search operation.

There have been serious attacks in that region that were never solved, ,mainly,  last October’s killing of Givati soldier Gal “Gavriel” Kobi and the killing of Israel Police Chief Supt. Baruch Mizrahi in April, on Passover eve, he noted.

Harel believed that the two incidents show similar characteristics , " the doers prepared an escape route in advance and immediately went underground."

No Palestinian faction claimed the responsibility of the incident , noting it may be a merely criminal event.

Emir Bouchbot, correspondent for Walla site quoted a senior officer in Israeli Army as saying " the scenario that the army feared is that the kidnapping cell could hide in a secret bunker announcing the state of "temporary death" , giving the political leaders the chance to sign a swap deal with Israel."

He claimed that the military wing of Hamas carried out  the operation apart from the political level. But the problem is to keep the abductees and running the negotiations in the same time.

Yoav Limor, the military analyst for Israel Hayoum paper, ruled out  the possibility of  attacking Hamas leaders in Gaza at this time, saying  " it would  set off the area in arm conflict and Hamas rockets will land in central Israel."

In the last two days, Israel detained 150 Palestinians in the West Bank searching for three Israeli settlers believed to be missing into a second West Bank city, touching off street confrontations in which its forces killed a Palestinian.