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Israeli security convoy seen inspecting Gaza border tunnel
Israeli security convoy seen inspecting Gaza border tunnel
The tunnel discovered by Israeli forces in March 2014 near the border with Gaza (Safa Images)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Israeli security workers have inspected the Third Eyetunnel, discovered in recent months to the southeast of the Gaza Strip, and conducted filming inside, amid tight security of army soldiers.

According to local Safa agency, a convoy of 12 citizen cars and six buses, coming from the Gaza envelope settlement of the ‘Third Eye’ via the Kissufim route, entered the tunnel and spent about one hour filming.

Military jeeps deployed around to provide the protection of the delegation, the agency said. 

The Israeli occupation army announced on March 21, 2014 that it found a tunnel leading hundreds of meters into the 1948 occupied territories.

Three Israeli settlers have been missing since Thursday. They are feared to be abducted by Palestinians in order for future prisoner exchange deal, given that they are over 5000 Palestinians held captive in Israeli prison, around 190 of them are held without trial or charge.