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Extremists attempt to break into Zoubi's home
Extremists attempt to break into Zoubi's home
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ALRAY,  Jerusalem  - Dozens of Israeli extremists protested Tuesday before the house of Arab MK Haneen al-Zuobi and demanded deporting her out of Israel.

The protest came after Zoubi described the abduction of three settlers as a non-terrorist action. 

Israeli police prevented the protesters from crossing the street to Nazareth city, where they were chanting slogans calling Zaoubi as a terrorist and calling on expelling all Palestinians from Nazareth.

“If Haneen Zoubi did not retreat her words, we know how to deal with her. In case we failed to catch her at home today, we will try again and again.” they warned.

Al- Zaoubi refusal to recognize the missing of three Israeli settlers as a " terrorist abduction" spurred a verbal brawl in the Knesset session.

MK Miri Regev called al-Zaoubi "a traitor" and asked the Knesset to deport her to Gaza. 

Zoubi said, " This incident is a result of Israeli aggressions against the Palestinians and its refusal  to release Palestinian  prisoners."

We are not surprised by the abduction for people under occupation is living bad living conditions.