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Prisoners: President Abbas’s OIC remarks are 'disgraceful'
Prisoners: President Abbas’s OIC remarks are 'disgraceful'
Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas arrives in Jeddah on Tuesday to attend the OIC conference. Makkah Gov. Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah was present at the airport to receive the president. (SPA)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Leftist prisoners in Israeli jails said President Mahmoud Abbas’s remarks in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) meeting are “disgraceful" and "do not represent the Palestinian people,”

Palestinian President Wednesday addressing an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting in Jeddah said "Those who kidnapped the three teenagers want to destroy us. We will hold them accountable,"

Abbas also vowed not to resort to arms or allow Palestinians to launch another uprising, or Intifada, against ‘Israel’.

On security coordination, which binds the Palestinian Authority services to locate and jail resistance elements in the occupied West Bank, he stressed that "It is in our interest to have security coordination with Israel because that would help protect us," he said.

In a letter leaked from the Rimon prison, prisoners loyal to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) condemned Abbas’s remarks as "a national disaster that should not pass unnoticed and a setback to the Palestinian people, particularly the prisoners on hunger strike for 57 days,”

“His [Abbas] address carries extreme insult to the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance, as it lines with the pro-occupation positions and the aggressive military measures against our people, stigmatizing the [Palestinian] resistance as destructive, and openly speaking of the PA willing to find the kidnappers of three settlers,” the letter read.

The letter added: “President Abbas completely ignores the calls to go to the International Criminal Court to try the [Israeli] occupation for his crimes against the Palestinian people, as he previously defended a decision to delay the endorsement of the Goldstone report [on Gaza war crimes at the UN Human Rights Council].”

The PFLP prisoners considered the security coordination as "yet another ugly face of the occupation", and the Abbas’s remark that it is a Palestinian interest and to protect our people as "being blurred by the security services suddenly disappearing when Israeli forces invade the Palestinian towns and villages."