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Three Palestinian-Syrians die of torture, five women allowed into Lebanon
Three Palestinian-Syrians die of torture, five women allowed into Lebanon
Residents walk as they receive aid at the Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk, south of Damascus, Syria, May 20, 2014.
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Gaza, Al Ray - Three Palestinians Friday died of torture and one killed in clashes in the Damascus’s suburban town of Meliha.

Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said in a facebook statement that Muhammad al-Sheikh-Taha from the Handarat camp and Ramzi Awimmer from the Deraa camp were killed under torture in Syrian jails, while Hussein Amairi from the al-Yarmouk camp was killed in clashes in the Damascus countryside town of Maliha.

In a related context, the Lebanese security forces allowed six Palestinian women coming from Syria into Lebanon to meet their sons who previously fled to Lebanon after a 24-hour of wait on the borders.

Earlier this month, a committee chaired by Lebanon Prime Minister Tammam Salam made several decisions that tightened the entry to Palestinian-Syrians seeking refuge in Lebanon.

On June 16, The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) launched a Ramadan appeal for US$ 27 million to enable Palestine refugees trapped in Syria to be able to buy food in Ramadan.

When the Syria crisis flared, there were some 500,000 Palestinians registered as refugees in Syria. Over the last two years, an additional 40,000 Palestine refugees have registered with UNRWA seeking assistance.

A further 80,000 have fled Syria, mainly to Lebanon, but it has become increasingly difficult for Palestinians to enter any of the neighbouring countries. Of the approximately 460,000 who remain, almost all have been badly affected by the crisis, requiring continuous humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. At least half have fled their homes, sometimes more than once, according to UN stats.