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All Hamas leaders must be arrested: Knesset member
All Hamas leaders must be  arrested: Knesset member
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ALRAY - Member of the Jewish Home Party Orit Struck suggested arresting all Hamas leaders and re-arresting  the Palestinians ex-detainees released in Shalit swap deal as a bargaining chip for the release of the three settlers claimed to be abducted by Hamas.

Struck adopted the suggestion and Benyamin Netanyahu approved it during the cabinet meeting held on 14 June on the alleged kidnapping of the three Israeli soldiers in Hebron.

“We need to carry out an operation that makes Hamas beg us.” Struck told the head of her party at the  cabinet meeting Naphtali Benet according to Haaretz Daily Newspaper,

The Israeli military has been launching a mass search  on the Hebron hills after three Israeli illegal settlers believed to be missed, dozens of Palestinians were detained in the operation.