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Israeli minister says “Brothers keepers” operation exhausted itself
Israeli minister says “Brothers keepers” operation exhausted itself
Moshe Ya'alon, Israel military minister
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ALRAY - "Raids against Hamas members have dropped in recent days from hundreds per night to just a few, as this part of the operation has exhausted itself," Moshe Ya'alon Israel military minister said Tuesday, insisting that they are not scaling back their operation in the West Bank.

Ya'alon noted, during a tour of the Lebanese border, that the Israeli military forces are keeping up levels of intelligence and operational searches for the missed Israeli settlers in the West Bank .

“From our perspective, this continues to be the No. 1 mission, in which we are investing the best of our resources,” He said.

Regarding the restrictions imposed on Hebron and others West Bank cities Ya'alon said that some civilian movement is allowed in and out of the city, but not  without military supervision.

He also said that the presence of the Israeli army in Hebron and West Bank will be reduced and the troops will concentrate in focused activities.

Israeli army has launched a military campaign in the West Bank killing at least five Palestinians, detaining more than 500, and raiding more than 1,100 sites including homes, offices, and universities in hunt for three settlers who were missed last June, 12 in the West Bank city of Hebron. Yet, no clear evidence the three settlers were abducted as Israel claimed.