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Knesset to discuss Zoabi's law
Knesset to discuss Zoabi's law
MK Haneen Zoabi
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ALRAY - Israeli Ministerial Legislative Committee, during its weekly meeting, will discuss on Sunday MK Haneen Zoabi's law that include a series of acts of targeting Palestinians inside Israel.

Zoabi's Law is to amend the existing laws and allow the Knesset's Central Elections Committee to prevent any MK from doing tasks that support enemy states or terrorist groups against Israel.

Jewish Home MK Ayelet Shaked Sunday told Hebrew newspaper of Yediot Aharonoth that the decision was made after MK Zoabi announced that the kidnappers of the three Israeli settlers are not terrorists or criminals.

The Arab Knesset member was attacked in a previous hearing by Jewish extremists. When they asked whether she would attend the new hearing session or not, she answered: "Yes, I would. I am not representing myself, but all my people." Despite she was threatened of killing by Israeli leaders and parties, she refused to retreat her remarks.