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Abu Marzouk: Gaza won't remain in political vacuum
Abu Marzouk: Gaza won't remain in political vacuum
Moussa Abu Marzouk
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Gaza, ALRAY - Moussa Abu Marzouk, senior member of Hamas political bureau hint that Hamas may return back to power in the Gaza Strip to avoid political vacuum.


"I am afraid that Hamas is invited to come back to power to maintain safety and security of the Gazans, Gaza is neither under the responsibility of the previous government , nor the new national one, it shouldn’t remain in political vacuum," Abu Marzouk said in a statement on Sunday.


Abu Marzouk accused the Palestinian president and the national unity government of ignoring Gaza and wondered if they actually "torn the reconciliation agreement".


"The Palestinian Authority(PA) in Ramallah has besieged Gaza before the others do; now the reconciliation was signed and the internal conflict ended, so why is Gaza still besieged, " he wondered.


Addressing the PA in Ramallah, Abu Marzuok said " you have shown sympathy with Israel over the missing of three settlers, but what about the 566 Palestinians who were detained in the West Bank and the five who were killed in cool blood ; we are also humans but ,obviously, not equal to them." 

Since the formation of the Palestinian national unity government in June,2nd , more than 40,000 employees have not received their salaries. The new government considers those who were employed during Hamas control in Gaza "illegal" and it will form committees within four months to consider their conditions.


Qatar has offered 20 million dollars monthly to pay Gaza employees salaries. However, the banks refused to receive the donation out of fear of possible sanctions by the Palestine Monetary Authority.