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Knesset to accelerate enacting law blocks prisoner swaps
Knesset to accelerate enacting law blocks prisoner swaps
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - A committee in the Israeli Knesset holds an urgent meeting Monday to accelerate an enacting law that would prevent negotiators from releasing Palestinian prisoners during peace talks.

The law was suggested by MK Ayelet  Shaked's  Bayit Yehudi party. It would entitle judges to determine in sentencing that any Palestinian prisoner jailed for life for murder committed during an attack should not be eligible for pardon or any other easing of his sentence.

Current Israeli policy allows for prisoners to win early release by receiving a pardon at the state president's discretion. The new measure would limit the president's powers to grant such pardons.

Haaretz quoted sources from Knesset as saying that PM Netanyahu office is working with no spare effort to push the bill and let Knesset vote on it as soon as possible.

Last week, PM said the law is one of the main initiatives the government is issuing in the light of abducting three settlers 17 days ago in the West Bank.

Islamic Resistance Movement-Hamas stroke a historic deal with 'Israel' in October 2011 under which 1047 Palestinian prisoners were released in exchange for Jilad Shalit, a French Jew captured by the Palestinian resistance in 2006.