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14 Palestinian ex-prisoners go on trial today
14 Palestinian ex-prisoners go on trial today
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Nablus, ALRAY - 14 Palestinian ex-prisoners released in the Shailt swap deal will be brought to trial at Abu Salem military court, local media reported on Sunday.

Director of Ahrar Center for Prisoners Fu’ad al-Khafash said that the ex-prisoners were identified as Ahmed Hamad, Ashraf al-Wadi, Jihad Bani Jame’, Zaher Khatatba, Zohair Skafi, Hamza Abu Arqoub, Taha al-Shakhshir, Ya’qub Zaid, Mohammed and Abdulrahman Saleh, Salman Abu Eid, Abdulrahman Tu’ma, Amer Muqbel and Shadi Ouda .

Al-Khafash demanded the Egyptian deal-broker to support the ex-prisoners and carry out their duty towards them, saying, “this touches the dignity of Egypt.”

He also called on the media to activate the case.

Israeli occupation forces re-arrested dozens of Palestinian ex-prisoners who were released in Shalit swap deal after three Israeli soldiers claimed to be kidnapped and killed in Hebron.