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110 young men arrested in pre-1948 Palestine
110 young men arrested in pre-1948 Palestine
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Occupied Palestine, ALRAY - Israeli occupation police detained Sunday evening 110 Palestinian citizens during the demonstrations held in the pre-1948 Palestine protesting the killing of Jerusalemite child Mohammed Abu Khudair,16.

The demonstrators closed Tamret Akka street, burnt car tyres and threw stones at the Israeli occupation police who fired tear gas bombs and stun grenades and arrested 11.

In Nazareth city, northern pre-1948 Palestine, the occupation police arrested 40 young men after clashes erupted in the main street of the city.

Thousands of citizens protested the killing of Abu Khudair in Araba al-Batuf village, raising the Palestinian flags and chanting slogans condemning the Israeli government’s policy.

Clashes have been erupted across the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Arab cities inside Israel since last Wednesday when Palestinian child Muhammed Abu Khudair, 17, was found burned to death by Israeli settlers in Shufaat camp in Jerusalem.