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Testimony 3 from Al Shifa hospital: Abdulqader Banat
Testimony 3 from Al Shifa hospital: Abdulqader Banat
Abdulqader Banat, 22
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By Maram Humaid


Abdulqader Banat, 22, was looking out from the window in his home near Al Maqousi buildings compound when an Israeli missile hit the area.

All home windows smashed, a flying piece of glass hit his hand causing a serious injury that needs an urgent surgery.

Very worried about him, his mother Amira Banat, 45, said, “I'm very concerned for he is a diabetes patient. Bleeding is very dangerous on him. He suffers diabetes since he was 14 when he got injured in his leg at the beginning of Intifada 2000. His health has deteriorated since that time ".

Abdulqader was not able to say anything. His face was very pale and bloodless and his arm was severely bleeding. He was fainting and regaining consciousness from a moment to a moment.

Before the incident, Abdulqader family left their house in Al Tofah neighborhood in the eastern Gaza after it was targeted by an Israeli missile in the third week of the ongoing offensive. They managed to rent an apartment near Al Maqousi compound to the west of Gaza where Abdulqader got injured.