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Netanyahu brings down Israel to downfall after 50 days
Netanyahu brings down Israel to downfall after 50 days
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
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ALRAY - It won’t be 'quiet for quiet,’ as Benjamin Netanyahu says, and Israel surely didn’t win. What Netanyahu brought down on Israel is not a defeat , it's a downfall, Amir Oren , senior columnist for Haaretz noted.

In his column " In Gaza, Israel will exchange quite for a lie", Oren assimilated the 50-day aggression on Gaza as those who swallowed frogs, but for Israel the experience has been more stomach-turning.

He noted that Netanyahu will not spare effort to portray the outcome as a success.

What Netanyahu and his colleagues have brought down on Israel, in a conflict between the region’s strongest army and an organization numbering 10,000, is not just a defeat, yet it’s a downfall, he explained.

He criticized the policy of Netanyahu in the last year and a half without Ehud Barak , noting that if Bibi(Netanyahu) had budgeted for Gaza-area kibbutzim Nirim and Nahal Oz one-hundredth of what he had budgeted for Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant, Israelis would have been safer.

The column acknowledged that Israel is not prepared for fighting in tunnels and against mortars. He wrote that Israel must start preparation for the next operation with the top floor policy.

Oren pointed out that US president Barack Obama may intervene in the Israeli-Arab conflict to save Israel from itself , or from leaders who can't break the tie in their own cabinet.

"American leverage in weapons and money has no meaning if in times of crisis these resources aren't used," he said.

He also noted that the fifty days against Hamas directed another shock to Israel's security doctrine. " Israel needs first-rate specialists from outside politics and the military to revisit its diplomatic and military operations," he wrote.

At the end of his report he explained that the Israel has to choose well the next chief of staff of Israel military forces because the next frog will have to be swallowed soon enough.