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Hamas: HRW findings evidence to Israel's falsifications
Hamas: HRW findings evidence to Israel's falsifications
Palestinian taking sleep in school shelters during the 51-day Israeli offensive
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Gaza, Al Ray - The spokesperson of Hamas in Gaza, Sami abu-Zuhri, said the Human Rights Watch probe findings were evidence to Israel’s falsifications.

Abu Zuhri said that the HRW findings that there were no clear military targets in the parameters of three UN-run schools bombed by Israel testify to the false allegations of 'Israel'.

'Israel' justified its attacks on the school by claiming that the Palestinian resistance used the schools as military sites during the offensive.

The HRW said on Thursday that "Two of the three attacks Human Rights Watch investigated... did not appear to target a military objective or were otherwise unlawfully indiscriminate. The third attack in Rafah was unlawfully disproportionate if not otherwise indiscriminate."

The attacks killed a total of 45 people including 17 children, the HRW pointed out.

In a relevant comment, the spokesperson considered the Israeli army’s recent decision to open its own criminal investigation into some war incidents as worthless.

The HRW conducted an investigation into three attacks and found that the Israeli targeting of the three school were randomly, accusing the occupation of committing war crimes against the Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip during its offensive.