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Israeli-Hamas talks to resume Tuesday in Cairo
Israeli-Hamas talks to resume Tuesday in Cairo
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian factions, including Hamas, and Israel will commence Tuesday in Cairo indirect talks on a long-term cease-fire in Gaza, according to a senior Israeli diplomatic.

Egypt will also host talks between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah within days.

Senior Israeli diplomatic expected that they will face tough negotiations in Cairo.

"Israel will not relinquish its security demands. No date was set for further talks beyond this week," he added.

The indirect talks between Israel and a delegation of all Palestinian groups will be preceded by talks between the two heavyweights of Palestinian politics, the Fatah faction of president Mahmoud Abbas and its rival, Hamas.

On August 26, both sides agreed a ceasefire that ended 50 days of isareli offensive against Gaza and provided for a resumption of negotiations within a month to discuss unresolved issues.

Under the terms of the ceasefire deal, the parties agreed to resume the Egyptian-brokered negotiations to discuss, among other issues, a Hamas demand for a port and an airport, a prisoner swap and Israel’s insistenceon Gaza disarming.

These talks do not involve direct meetings between the sides.

Some 500 Israelis of Gaza-border communities attended a protest march Saturday night in a southern junction near Sderot, demanding Israeli prime minister to help in creating a new reality in southern Israel through a diplomatic resolution in Gaza.