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Israel's Arab community demands police chief to resign
Israel's Arab community demands police chief to resign
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Occupied Jerusalem, Al Ray - Palestinians inside the Green Line demanded Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to depose police chief Yohanan Danino for failure to fight racist violence against the Arab population.

Dozens of leaders, academics, heads of local authorities, and political reform parties and activists participated in the demonstration, which was organized by the Higher Monitoring Committee for Arab Citizens in collaboration with the Anti-Violence Commission.

The participants raised slogans that held the Israeli authorities responsible for all forms of violence and crime among the Arab community, demanding that the commander-general of police to resign for failing to rein in the chaos.

10 Palestinians passed only during the last three weeks, including a college director, and a school teacher, according to informed sources.

Official statics revealed that more than 370 Palestinians killed in violence incidents and shooting fire from "Unknown people", which took place in the Arab towns and villages over the past five years.

The monitoring committee and Arab local council heads recently met in the committee office in Nazareth to plan protest actions against the Israeli police indifference to the rising lawlessness and other steps including holding a conference on Sep. 27.