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Construction materials to enter Gaza via Abu Salem crossing
Construction materials  to enter Gaza via Abu Salem crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Israeli authorities opened today Karam Abu Salem border crossing to dozens of trucks loaded with material construction heading to the Gaza Strip.

Head of the Coordinating Committee for goods entry to Gaza Raed Fattouh said that " Israeli occupation will allow the entry of 3,000 tons of construction materials through Abu Salem commercial crossing.”

Around 15 trucks loaded with cement, 10 trucks loaded with iron, and 50 trucks loaded with gravel are expected to enter for the private commercial sector, Fattoh explained.

He pointed out that these materials will be distributed according to recent understandings, explaining that the Karm Abu Salem crossing is ready to supply additional quantities of construction materials to Gaza.

Gaza reconstruction conference which was held in Cairo raised $ 5.4 billion , the lion share will be allocated for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, while the remaining portion was allocated to meet the Palestinian needs.

Karem Abu Salem crossing is the only commercial access from which goods and fuel entered to the Gaza Strip; it opens over all the week days but Fridays and Saturdays.