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Israel to provide refuge for 6,000 Ukrainian Jews: Paper
Israel to provide refuge for 6,000 Ukrainian Jews: Paper
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Jerusalem, AA - The Israeli government plans to provide shelter to 6,000 Jews who were internally displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on Sunday.

The Israeli plan comes in light of the domestic infighting taking place in Ukraine, which is leading to the displacement of hundreds of the country's Jews, according to Maariv.

Israeli authorities have secretly begun the construction of refugee camps to receive displaced Ukrainian Jews under the supervision of Israeli Minister of Economy  Naftali Bennett, said the newspaper.

Maariv, however, did not specify the location of these camps.

The newspaper noted that about 6,000 Jews are currently homeless in eastern Ukraine, and that the Israeli authorities paid money to ensure their settlement of in temporary camps before they're transferred to Israel.

It was not possible to get official comment from the Israel authorities regarding the report.

Last month, a source close to the project told Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post that considerable resources have been allocated to provide Ukraine's Jews who have been affected by the fighting there  with food, clothing and shelter.