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Israel agreed on establishing a sea-lane between Gaza and Cyprus
Israel agreed on establishing a sea-lane between Gaza and Cyprus
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Gaza, ALRAY – Israeli occupation agreed on creating a sea-lane connects Gaza Strip and Cyprus Island in exchange of long-term truce that ups to ten years and lifting the siege on Gaza, Palestinian reliable sources reported to Al- Hayat London based paper Wednesday.


It reported that ending the siege on Gaza would facilitate reconstructing the Gaza Strip after the mass devastation of Israeli occupation offensive against Gaza last August.


The sources pointed that Israel still refusing to allow the rebuilding of the airport on Gaza, which is entitled with the name of the late President Yasser Arafat.

It explained that Israel has refused a Qatari offer to build an airport in Israel at their own expense in exchange for Israel's agreement to re-establish the Gaza airport.


The sources added that a comprehensive agreement is still far away. And Israel will not accepted such an agreement without reaching an agreement for prisoners swap between them and Hamas.


Former envoy of the International Quartet Committee Tony Blair lead an indirect negotiation between Hamas movement and the Israeli occupation, thorough which Israel expressed its agreement regarding building sea-lane between Gaza and Cyprus.


Blair met on Tuesday the Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal in Doha for the second time in six weeks and reliable sources confirmed it.


The sources reported that the negotiations between Hamas and the Israeli occupation witnessed a significant progress towards reaching a long-term truce. 


Israel has signed an agreement brokered by Egypt with Hamas on 26 August 2014 that ended a 51 days of Israeli occupation offensive against Gaza. 


The Palestinians resistance movements have been demanding in the negotiations, which let to sign a temporary agreement, for opening Rafah boarder, building a seaport, and rebuilding Gaza airport.


After long months, Blair visited Gaza to look at the humanitarian conditions in as a step for the indirect negotiations he runs.


The sources said that Blair has informed Mashaal that the Palestinian Authority headed by Abbas considered these negotiations an encroachment of the legitimate authority of the Palestinian people.