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1000 Gazan children became disabled after the Israeli offensive
1000 Gazan children became disabled after the Israeli offensive
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Gaza, ALRAY -More than 1,000 Palestinian children suffered injuries that rendered them permanently disabled resulted of the recent Israeli occupation offensive against Gaza last August, Defense for Children reported on Tuesday. 



It documented in a report that during the Israeli occupation offensive more than 2220 Palestinian were killed, 1492 of them are civilians. In addition, 3374 Palestinians were injured, 1000 of them are children out of them are 30 suffered deformation or permanent disabilities. 

It explained that children are the most affected group of the wars. They either being killed or suffered deformation and permanent disabilities that has grave impacts on their physical and psychological health. These injuries affected various aspects of their lives, including their education. 

It noted that after a year of the Israeli aggression thousands of the inured people hardly could integrated in the society after becoming disabled.


The report documented many cases for children who were affected by their injuries; one of them is Ibraheem Abu Shabab.


Ibraheem, 12, sustained shrapnel injuries in the neck near the nerve, laceration in the right thigh's bon and of foot drop in the right foot.  


His mother said that Ibraheem was subjected to several surgical operations, which forced him not to attend his class and affecting his education. She noted that he failed in three subjects this term.

She added that he suffered of nights mares and refused to sleep alone in a dark room. He became very nervous and refused to get out of the home.