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Palestinians anger over Obama's speech before the UN
Palestinians anger over Obama's speech before the UN
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 Gaza, ALRAY - US President Barack Obama ignored, on his speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations on Monday evening, addressing the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Palestinian officials expressed their dismay.  


Most of Obama's speech concentrated on Syrian crisis, the war against ISIS and the efforts of US to prevent the breaking of third world war.  

Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO and the chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, expressed his disappointment of Obama's ignorance to the Palestinian issue.

Erekat wondered in a press statement how Obama could defeat ISIS and eliminate terrorism in order to achieve stability and security in the Middle East while his administration keeps ignoring the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the settlement expansion, and the continued Israeli attacks against Al-Aqsa mosque.   

Obama noted in his speech that the US has worked around 70 years with the General Assembly to prevent the breaking of a third world war, even the souls which passed during the conflict around the world. "It established an international system that support democracy and recognizes the equality of all peoples," he said.