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Jailed journalist Al-Qeeq transferred to hospital
Jailed journalist Al-Qeeq transferred to hospital
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Alramleh, ALRAY- The Israeli prison service (IPS) transferred last night a Palestinian jailed journalist to the hospital after his health has severely deteriorated. He staged a hunger strike since 36 days.

The wife of the Palestinian journalist jailed in Israeli prisons, Mohammed Al-Qeeq, said that the IPS moved her husband from Al-Ramleh clinic to Al-Afoola hospital, after the deterioration of his health due to the hunger strike.

Al-Qeeq's wife added that her husband's lawyer visited him in Al-Ramleh clinic, stating that signs of extreme fatigue clearly appeared on his health.

The wife called on the International committee of the Red Cross and the humanitarian organization to take actions and visit her husband on Al-Afoola hospital to check on his health condition.

"My husband had passed through very harsh conditions of detention in the last period, especially during his investigation," she explained.

Mohammad Al-Qeeq, a Palestinian journalist detained on 21th of November, from his homes in Ramallah, before he staged an open-ended hunger strike after four days, protesting his illegal detention.