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Deraa' camp re-bombed, refugee martyr
Deraa' camp re-bombed, refugee martyr
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Damascus, ALRAY – The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that the Palestinian refugee, Burhan Khayat, was murdered during clashes between the Syrian Army and the Syrian Opposition along the outskirts of Deraa' refugee camp, south of Syria.

The Group added in one of its daily reports that the bombardment amid of the acute health crisis in the camp is ferocious.

Moreover, the camp and its surroundings have been witnessing heavy shelling since the dawn by warplanes, ground-to-ground missiles, and cluster bombs that destroyed many buildings.

It's worth noting that cashes between the Syrian Army and the Syrian Opposition broke out, resulting in the death of a Palestinian refugee and the injury of dozens of Palestinians.

The Group highlighted the fact that there was an acute shortage in medication due to the heavy shelling medical centers have been witnessing.

The Group had issued a statement demanding the Syrian Army to stop bombarding medical centers and to allow paramedics to give aid to the wounded. They also held the United Nations (UN) responsible for the Palestinian Refugees in Deraa' Camp.

According to leaks from the camp, militants departing from the camp will only include members of Tahreer Alsham Body fighters and leaders of ISIS only, while fighters of ISIS will remain in the camp because there are no guarantees that they would not be targeted by the International Coalition Forces and Russia in case they departed the camp.