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Plan to set up 14,000 housing units for Jews in Makr village
Plan to set up 14,000 housing units for Jews in Makr village
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Pre-1948, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation authorities announced a new plan that would establish more than 14 thousand housing units for Jewish people on several Palestinian lands, including Tantour land, south of the occupied Palestinian village of Makr, with a total area of 4100 dunams.

The Israeli authorities added that the plan will be set up on confiscated lands belonging to the “Israel Land Administration” and others owning to some Palestinian citizens of the village.

“We talk about a new plan to set up 14 thousand housing units, which will unfairly affect the private landowners, south of the village, as a result of transferring these lands into green areas, as it was planned,” member of the People's Committee and the Unified Popular Movement “Tantour is ours”, lawyer Wesam Earida said.

“We are facing a catastrophic and more disastrous scheme than the previous one, noting that it would establish 14 thousand housing units on some four thousand dunams,” he added.

The lawyer appealed for support in bringing pressure on the Israeli occupation to abolish the new plan, since residents of the village have the top priority in their lands in order to build housing units for them.