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Launching global campaign to support Sheikh Raed Salah
Launching global campaign to support Sheikh Raed Salah
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Istanbul, ALRAY- The activities of the global campaign to support Sheikh Raed Salah will be launched on Monday in Istanbul, in response to the arbitrary Israeli measures of his arrest and trial.

The launching of the campaign will be announced during a press conference held by the World Federation of Muslim Scholars, which aimed to support the steadfastness of Sheikh Raed Salah, and to practice pressure to release him from Israeli jails.

The campaign entitled “All of us are the Sheikh of Al-Aqsa “will continue until November 12, and will include many official and popular events.

It will also support the worshipers in Jerusalem and al-Aqsa, that Israel practices all forms of persecution and harassment against them.

Israeli occupation forces arrested Sheikh Salah on August 15,from his home in Umm al-Fahm, took him to the interrogation, and then extended his detention several times. He was kept in solitary condiment inside the prison until the end of the proceedings against him. After “Israeli prosecution” filed an indictment against him on August 24.

Israeli occupation accused Sheikh Salah of "incitement" during speeches before and after the funeral of the martyrs who opened fire against Israeli soldiers in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque.