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Israeli occupation plans to build additional fence with Jordan border
Israeli occupation plans to build additional fence with Jordan border
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Jerusalem, ALRAY – Israeli occupation intends to build the security fence project along the border with Jordan, where it will be officially announced at the beginning of the next year, noting  that the route of the fence located in the West Bank.

The 30-kilometer wall will run between the resorts of Eilat in the far south and Wadi Araba at a cost of $ 85 million. The construction will be completed early next year.

The declared goal of the wall is to protect the Tamana airport in the southern region.

Israeli officials claimed the wall is a continuation of the one built along the Egyptian border that “block" the entry of illegal migrants into Israeli occupation and the various terrorist movements".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the announcement during a Knesset meeting on security and foreign affairs, within the framework of a defensive strategy identified by the government through fortification walls.

The wall construction was initiated at the end of 2015 by a decision of the Israeli Cabinet on Political and Security Affairs (CAPINITE) in the southern part of the border with Jordan and from the city of Eilat to protect the planned Timna airport.

It is noteworthy that the wall with Jordan is the fourth separation wall built by Israeli occupation after the separation wall, and another located in the occupied Golan Heights, in addition to the electronic wall, which extends 240 kilometers along the border with Egypt and the separation wall besieging the Gaza Strip.