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First European anti-settlement conference held in Brussels
First European anti-settlement conference held in Brussels
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Brussels, ALRAY -- The first anti-settlement conference held in Brussels, capital of the European Union, on Monday.

The Palestinian ambassador to the European Union, Abdel Rahim Al-Farra, called on EU and member states to move from condemnation of settlement to taking measures to force the Israeli government to stop its frenzied settlement campaign, which eliminates any chance of reaching a two-state solution.

Al-Farra also called on European countries that have not yet recognized the state of Palestine to immediately recognize the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

In turn, member of the Executive Committee of the Liberation Organization, Taysir Khaled, stressed the need for continued cooperation with Europe at the popular and official levels to stop Israeli settlements, which eliminates the two-state solution and does not help to find a suitable ground for a serious peace process.

In the same context, member of Executive Committee of PLO, Saleh Rafat, affirmed the need to implement the resolution 2334 on settlement. He pointed out the lack of seriousness of the Israeli government to launch a meaningful peace process, so it is necessary to take decisions and measures against the Israeli government to force it to stop settlement, calling for the need to end the status of "Israel" as a state above the law.