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IOF arrests 9 Palestinians in raids on WB
IOF arrests 9 Palestinians in raids on WB
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Occupied WB, ALRAY- The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested last night and at dawn Wednesday nine Palestinian citizens, including a senior Hamas member, during multiple raids on different districts of the occupied West Bank towns and cities.

Local sources reported that the IOF arrested the ex-prisoners Abdul Rahim Hammad and Numan Hamed, after raiding on their families’ homes in the Ramallah town of Silwad.

The sources added that the IOF arrested Pajas Nakhlah, leading member of Hamas movement, after raiding his home in the Jalazoun camp, just less than three months after he had been released.

As of Hebron, the IOF arrested two Palestinians named Hazem Aljayawi, 31, and Jihad Ajlouni, 17.

Israeli occupation forces routinely carry out arrest raids in the West Bank. Around 40 percent of Palestinian men living in the occupied territories have been detained by Israel at some point in their lives.