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Cancer patient son of Palestinian prisoner dies after father 10-mintue-visit
Cancer patient son of Palestinian prisoner dies after father 10-mintue-visit
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Ramallah, ALRAY -- 19-year-old son of Palestinian prisoner Rajab al-Tahan, Majd, died on Tuesday evening of cancer, after meeting his jailed father for “10 minutes” to visit him.

The visit between Rajab Tahhan, who is serving a life sentence, and his son, Majd, who suffers from leukaemia, took place on Monday morning at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

According to his family, Israeli court handling the case placed difficult conditions on them for the visit to happen.

Rajab al-Tahan announced on 15, October that he will start a hunger strike in Israeli jails after the efforts made by many human rights institutions to convince the Israeli occupation authorities to allow him to visit his son, had failed.

Rajab’s story caught media attention when his son’s health began to severely deteriorate earlier this month. Majd has spent only two years and eight months in total with his father, who has been repeatedly imprisoned by Israel.

During his visit, the father did not recognise his son, whose physical features had changed drastically due to the cancer, according to the family.

“It was a shock for him to see his son like that. He kept asking Majd who his grandfather, uncle, and other family members were to make sure that it was him,” the family said.
“When the visit was over, Majd started shouting in joy, ‘I saw my dad! I saw my dad.'”

Rajab was imprisoned in 1998, when Majd was only four months old, on charges of killing an Israeli settler.He was released in 2011 under a prisoner exchange deal.

Less than three years later, Israeli occupation re-arrested Al-Tahan in a campaign of mass arrests in the West Bank, where hundreds of Palestinians arrested, and many of those who were released in the 2011 deal.