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Israeli forces assault prisoners in Ramon and Negev prisons
Israeli forces assault prisoners in Ramon and Negev prisons
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West Bank, ALRAY -- Israeli suppression units assaulted on Monday prisoners jailed in Ramon prison. 

A Letter leaked from Ramon prison stated that special units of Israeli occupation forces (IOF) broke into several sections in an aggressive step and severely assaulted prisoners, where a number of them injured.


Several of them were taken to clinics for treatment, of them prisoner identified as Firas Khalil from Jaba town south of Jenin, the letter added.


In their letter, the prisoners appealed all humanitarian and human rights institutions to take action to stop the Israeli ongoing policy of suppressing Palestinian prisoners.


In the same context, Israeli suppression units Dror and Keter broke into section (22) in Negev detention center last night, Palestinian prisoners’ society stated.

The society reported in a press release on Monday that Israeli units broke into the prison under the pretext of searching section, where they wreaked havoc in prisoners’ belongings and their personal stuff.


More than 6000 Palestinian prisoners are currently languishing in Israeli prisons, including 350 from Gaza amid harsh living conditions, where 206 were died as a result of deliberate medical neglect policy practiced by Israeli prison service.