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Calls to exalt boycott to Israeli occupation in support to Administrative prisoners
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Gaza, ALRAY -- The National Committee of BDS movement called to intensify campaigns calling to boycott Israeli products, services and international companies involved in Israeli crimes especially against the prisoners.

In a statement, the Committee called to expand the widest solidarity with the administrative prisoners boycotting Israeli courts by intensifying the boycott campaigns.

The committee called to exalt pressure on the Palestinian official level to stop normalization and security coordination, in accordance with the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization decisions, and dissolving the so-called committee of communication with Israeli society.

The statement also called to file cases before the International Criminal Court to hold Israeli officials accountable for their involvement in crimes committed against prisoners and women prisoners.

The national committee called to support administrative detainees through various means, national tools and international events to expose Israeli crimes and to raise public and global awareness of Palestinian prisoners’ suffering and their rights.