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ALRAY IN A WEEK from ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency (13th-17th August. 2017)
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ALRAY IN A WEEK is a weekly bulletin e-newsletter comes out every Sunday to keep ALRAY’s readers flashed with a diverse range of possible issues that are important to the Palestinian Cause.

In ALRAY IN A WEEK you can read about the most Palestinian top news headlines of the previous week, each according to its subject:


Israel’s violations in Palestine:

Inside this issue:


 Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) detained ten Palestinians Sunday at dawn across the West Bank. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested on Sunday a Palestinian citizen from Bir al-Basha village, south of Jenin while passing via the military checkpoint of Barta'a, south of the city. Further details


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) detained 12 Palestinians Monday during raids across the West Bank. Further details


Israeli occupation police arrested on Tuesday at dawn the head of Islamic movement in the pre-1948 occupied lands Sheikh Raed Salah from his house in Om -Elfahem city. Further details


The Israel occupation forces (IOF) arrested on Tuesday 11 citizens from different parts of the west Bank. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested 12 Palestinians from different parts of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. Further details


A special Israeli force arrested Thursday morning the chased Palestinian youth Fadee Addeek from Biet Reema south west of Ramallah. Further details


Israeli occupation forces(IOF) arrested 12 Palestinians during a series of incursions into the occupied West Bank on Thursday morning and expropriated money in the house of a detainee in the town of Surif, northwest of Hebron. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested, on Thursday morning, four Palestinians during incursion into the villages of Silwan and Umm Tuba in the occupied Jerusalem. Further details


Home demolition and Land grab:

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) demolished Monday a number of barracks-donated by the European Union- belonging to Palestinians in Hebron in the southern West Bank. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) demolished on Wednesday morning the house of detainee Omar Al-Abd who carried out the attack in "Helmish" settlement. Further details


Israeli occupation troops demolished the family house of the detainee Omar Abdel-Jalil Al-Abed, in the village of Kober, north of Ramallah. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) exploded on Thursday morning the house of Adel Ankosh from Deir Abu Meshal village west of Ramallah city in the middle of the occupied West Bank. Further details


 Israeli military bulldozers demolished Thursday noon three Palestinian houses in unrecognized villages in occupied Negev. Further details


Other violations:

An Israeli newspaper close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli right wing incited against the Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Atallah Hanna. Further details


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) shot on Monday morning a Palestinian worker, east of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem while trying to enter the Palestinian city of occupied Jerusalem to join his work. Further details



The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) broke on late Sunday afternoon into shops and trade centers in the Palestinian city of Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank. Further details


The Shin Bet announced that it had seized 100.000 NIS during raids carried out in old Jerusalem neighborhoods last night, arguing that they were supported by the Hamas movement. Further details


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Deir Abu Meashaal village, the west of Ramallah city and raided a house and a warehouse, causing an enormous havoc and devastation. Further details


Israeli occupation forces declared stopping the work of construction in three structures in the west of Yata, south of Hebron under the pretext of building without permision. Further details


Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa:

Inside this issue:

Israeli settlers and shin bet members stormed on Sunday morning the Al-Aqsa mosque form Maghraba gate under tide security protection. Further details


Adaleh Center for Human Rights demanded the attorney general and the judicial advisor to issue orders to the police to allow people of Um AL-Fahm to pray in al-Aqsa mosque. Further details


Palestinian prisoners of Israel:

Inside this issue:

After 20 - times of postpone Israeli court set Sunday a trial session of the detainee Mohammed Abdo,39, from Nablus. Further details


Head of the Prisoners' Affairs Committee, Issa Qaraqe, bore the Israeli authorities “total responsibility” for the lives and health of hundreds of sick, wounded and disabled prisoners who have been suffering serious and difficult conditions in the Israeli prisons in light of the Israeli continuous disregard for their treatment. Further details


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) imposed solitary confinement on Jerusalemite girl Fikrat Abdul Latif until next Friday as well as extended the detention of her father until Tuesday. Further details


 The Israeli military Ofer Court issued a decision to transfer the Jerusalemite MP Mohammed Abu Tair (65) to administrative detention for six months. Further details


The lawyer of the detainees and ex-prisoners affairs Karim Ajwa, said that the Israeli prison service (IPS) still practice the policy of deliberate medical negligence against sick prisoners. Further details


Israeli occupation court in occupied Jerusalem decided on Tuesday to release the Jerusalemite Nasser Abdel Latif on bail of 1,000 shekels provided staying on house arrest until next Friday. Further details


The Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs and ex-Prisoners emphasized that prisoners in the Israeli jail of Ramon have been subjecting to an ongoing and vehement onslaught by the Israeli repressive forces of the prisons’ administration through their intensified and almost daily breaking into the prison's rooms and sections. Further details


 Issa Qaraqe, Head of Detainees and Ex-Detainees affairs Committee, said that the arrest of Omar Al-Abd’s family by the IOF, allegedly because they know his intention towards carrying out the Halamish attack and that they did not try to stop him, is a policy of collective punishment. Further details


Gaza under siege:

Inside this issue:

Well informed sources reported Monday that Egyptian authorities informed the Palestinian delegation that Rafah border will be opened daily after Eid al-Adha. Further details


Israel refused more than half of medical referrals and prevented them of having suitable medication”, World Health Organization (WHO) said. Further details


The United Nations (UN) unveiled on Wednesday the reconstruction activities and the plan set up last month. Further details


Urgent appeal for saving educational process in Gaza. Further details


Palestinian Agency and Natural Resources Authority in Gaza declared that the second generator at the main power plant resumed its work on Thursday morning after the resumption of pumping Egyptian fuel. Further details


The Chamber of Commerce in Gaza said that the 10-year Israeli blockade and the arbitrary measures by the president Abass could lead the Gaza Strip to a severe downfall. Further details


Palestinian diaspora:

Inside this issue:

 The Working Group for the Palestinians of Syria (WGPS) confirmed that all hospitals and clinics in the Yarmouk refugee camp have stopped working due to shelling, siege and lack of medical personnel. Further details


A delegation from the PLO’s Expatriate Affairs department continued his tour in the UK with paying a visit to Scotland, where he met with the Scottish Administrative Body and people of the Palestinian community, particularly in Glasgow and Edinburgh cities. Further details


Alray international media watch:

Inside this issue:

Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (August 13, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (August 15, 2017). Further details


Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (August 17, 2017). Further details


Reports and Analysis:

Inside this issue:

Administrative detention, or detention without trial, isn’t merely seen in Israel as a legitimate tactic intended to fight what they claimed terrorism; it has also become a routine tactic, which is used “in times of necessity” against Palestinians and in some times Israelis, Haaretz paper reported Wednesday. Further details


Other news:

Inside this issue:

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said that he was walking through the streets of Tel Aviv carrying a secret gun in his bag that came after his guards were withdrawn. Further details


Netanyahu is not the first Israeli prime minister involved in corruption cases. Further details


Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilus III stated that the Patriarchate will appeal to the Central Court against the latest decision of the Israel Supreme Court, "Bab Al-Khalil" case. Further details


The first batch of Gaza pilgrims left the Gaza Strip, on Monday, to Sadui Arabia to perform Haj through Rafah crossing. Further details


Israel Channel 2 revealed that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to make an amendment on an article of the Israeli Basic Law, so that he can make the decision of war alone, without reference to the government or even the Cabinet. Further details


The Swedish activist Benjamin Ladra continues his path on foot in a journey he began a week ago from the city of Yutburi west of Sweden towards Palestine. Further details


The Mazaj Syrian Band retreated from taking part at the Bob Coulter Music Festival co-sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in Berlin. Further details


Islam Chipsy Band declared its withdrawal from taking part at the Pop Kulture Music Festival scheduled to be held this month in Berlin. Further details


Hamas spokesperson Husam Badran said that Israel’s arrest of Northern Islamic movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah refers to its persistence racist policies and is a fight against national and Islamic leaders in the pre-1948 occupied Palestinian territories. Further details


Dozens of Palestinian activists in the Occupied Palestine protested on Wednesday against the Israeli racist policies towards Arab citizens and the political detention against political activists. Further details


 Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) Director Nitzan Chen, decided Wednesday to revoke the GPO card of senior Al Jazeera Jerusalem correspondent Elias Karram, pending a hearing, claiming he is involved in resistance actions, Hebrew sites reported Thursday. Further details


Israeli occupation foreign ministry objected imposing sanctions on the Al Jazeera television network as it” would damage Israel’s image overseas”. Further details


We hope ALRAY IN A WEEK will be important for all those interested in issues of the Palestinians and will reach wide readers around the world.