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Shattered Dreams: The Tragic Loss of Two Sisters in Gaza
Shattered Dreams: The Tragic Loss of Two Sisters in Gaza
Fiancé of Iman Adas, who killed in the Israeli bombing, recounts her last moments before the attack that led to her death
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Gaza, ALRAY - As the sun rose on a quiet morning in eastern Gaza Strip, the Adas family's home was suddenly shaken by the sound of an explosion. Israeli occupation forces had shelled a nearby house, killing Dana and Iman Adas and shattering the family's joy.

Dana, a young beautiful girl who was just two months away from her wedding day, had already purchased her wedding gown and set the date for her big day. Her family was looking forward to celebrating this joyous occasion with her, but the Israeli attack tragically took her life, leaving her family in shock and disbelief.


Iman, a high school student, had a dream of being a bride and had shared it with her father. He had told her that it was her sister's wedding, but little did he know that her dream would come true in such a tragic way. Iman was also taken as a bride to the afterlife, alongside her sister.

The Adas family is now left with a deep sense of loss and grief. The joy and happiness that they had been looking forward to has been replaced by sadness and mourning. Their home, which was once filled with laughter and excitement, is now filled with tears and sorrow.

This tragic event is not an isolated incident in Gaza. The ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza has caused countless families to experience similar heartbreak and loss. Innocent civilians are caught in the Israeli fire, and the toll on human life continues to rise.


As the world watches this tragedy unfold, it is important to remember that behind the statistics and numbers are real people with real lives, dreams, and aspirations. Dana and Iman Adas were two young girls with bright futures ahead of them, but their lives were cut short by an act of violence that should have never happened.

Their memory will live on in the hearts of their family and friends, and their story will serve as a reminder of the devastating consequences of war and violence. The international community must come together to find a peaceful solution to this conflict, so that no more families have to suffer the loss of their loved ones in such a tragic way.