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Highlights from the government Media Office regarding the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the 23rd consecutive day:
Highlights from the government Media Office regarding the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the 23rd consecutive day:
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We remind the brutal occupation of some victims of its massacres, among those killed: the infant Maria Al-Shanti (4 months), the infant Tasnim Qarman (2 months), the infant Moaz Al-Aydi (2 weeks), the infant Maha Al-Baba (6 months), the infant Ghazal Al-Haddad (9 months).


The occupation committed crimes against several families, including: Shehab family: 25 killed , Skeik family: 24 killed, Abu Tuha family: 21 killed, Al-Bardawil family: 21 killed, Al-Kafarneh family: 20 killed.


The number of Palestinians killed due to the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip reached 8005 with 20242 injured. Reports indicate nearly 2000 missed under the rubble, and the reports continue.


881 massacres against Palestinian families committed by the occupation with intense and violent bombardment on Gaza, resulting in 6120 casualties.


219 casualties from the southern Gaza Strip out of 481 casualties in the past 24 hours. Additionally, 35 journalists, 116 medical staff, and 18 civil defense personnel have been killed since the start of the aggression.


Over 200,000 units have been damaged, with approximately 32,000 housing units completely demolished or rendered uninhabitable.


The occupation destroyed 80 government headquarters and dozens of public and service facilities, causing significant damage. Additionally, 203 schools have suffered varying degrees of damage, with 37 schools got out of service. The occupation continues targeting water, electricity, and sewage networks, rendering many out of service.


The occupation continues its targeting of churches and mosques, with 47 mosques completely destroyed and 3 churches severely damaged. There are continued threats of bombing hospitals that have seen their surroundings destroyed, aiming to forcefully evacuate the displaced from them.


Al-Quds hospital, which the occupation threatened and repeatedly bombed its surroundings, houses around 16,000 displaced people. Meanwhile, Al-Shifa hospital accommodates over 60,000 displaced, including thousands of injured and sick.


Threats to hospitals coincide with a new threat issued by the Zionist Minister of Communications against Elon Musk after his mention of supplying international institutions in Gaza with satellite internet “Starlink”. This confirms the continued arrogance of the occupation, practiced racially and above the law.


With the ongoing aggression and the escalating Zionist massacre, we declare the Gaza Strip a disaster area and call on all international institutions and relief organizations to intervene and save what can be saved.


Government Media Office

Sunday, 29 October 2023.