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The daily update from the Government Media Office regarding the Israeli occupation's aggression on Gaza
The daily update from the Government Media Office regarding the Israeli occupation's aggression on Gaza
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Since the onset of the Israeli occupation's massacre on October 7th, the death toll has reached 5,791, of which: 2,360 are children, 1,292 women and girls, and 295 elderly. Additionally, 1,550 are missing under the rubble. Meanwhile, 16,297 citizens have been injured.


The occupation bombed the Gaza Strip with more than 12,000 tons of explosives, equivalent to the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, with an average of 33 tons of explosives dropped per square kilometer in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the aggression.


In the Gaza Strip, 1 in every 100 citizens either got killed or injured due to the continuous aggression.


The total number of displaced people reached around 1.4 million, constituting 70% of the Strip's population, spread across more than 222 shelters, 100 of which are in Gaza and the northern Strip.


The occupation committed 644 massacres against Palestinian families, with 4,292 martyrs, mostly women and children, confirming that the occupation is deliberately targeting the Palestinian people to kill and raise the death toll.


More than 183,000 housing units were damaged by the ongoing aggression, representing 50% of housing units in the Strip. Over 28,000 housing units were completely demolished or became uninhabitable.


75 government headquarters and dozens of public and service facilities were destroyed and severely damaged by the occupation.


177 schools suffered various damages, with 32 schools rendered out of service, while the occupation continued to target water, electricity, and sanitation networks, putting several out of operation.


The occupation continues to target churches and mosques, with 35 mosques and 3 churches severely damaged.


Clear evidence shows the occupation's use of unconventional and internationally prohibited weapons, foremost among them white phosphorus, as evident from the burns on the bodies of martyrs and wounded, melting their skin and even their limbs.


We condemn the way some Western media outlets deal with the Israeli aggression, siding with the oppressor against the victims, represented by children, women, elders, and civilians in Gaza.


We trust that the day will soon come when this occupation pays for its crimes, and let this occupier know that our people will never forgive, forget, or reconcile.


The occupation's claim of Palestinian resistance using civilians as human shields is refuted by the occupation's bombing of churches, mosques, and hospitals, notably the Baptist hospital massacre and the bombing of shelters.


The Israeli occupation aimed to increase the toll of deaths and injuries during its aggression on Gaza by targeting civilian gatherings, markets, shops, bakeries, and shelters.


In light of the policy to allow limited aid into the Gaza Strip through the few trucks entering via the Rafah crossing, which aims to beautify the image of the vile occupation, we renew our call for the permanent opening of the Rafah crossing to allow the entry of essential life supplies, humanitarian needs, foremost among them fuel, medical supplies, relief materials, and food for the besieged Strip residents.


Government Media Office

Tuesday, 24 October 2023.