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Gaza's health ministry: real danger threatens lives of kidney failure patients
Gaza's health ministry: real danger threatens lives of kidney failure patients
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Ministry of Health in Gaza has issued a warning regarding the severe repercussions for kidney failure patients resulting from the shortage of medical supplies in kidney dialysis units. Alaa Hals, the Director of the Hospital Pharmacy Department, stated that the available medical consumables in Gaza's kidney dialysis center are only sufficient for one week.

Hals further explained, "Kidney failure patients will face a life-threatening problem if these medical supplies are not promptly and urgently secured." He emphasized that there are currently 1,200 kidney failure patients in the Gaza Strip, including 35 children, distributed among six dialysis centers, and they require 14,000 dialysis sessions per month.


Describing the situation as a "genuine tragedy awaiting these different categories of patients," Hals stressed the urgent need for these medical consumables to be made available. He added, "Each dialysis session requires at least three types of medical consumables, and without them, the process cannot be carried out safely and smoothly."


The scarcity of medical supplies in Gaza's dialysis centers has raised concerns about the well-being and survival of kidney failure patients. The Ministry of Health has urged immediate action to address the crisis and ensure the necessary medical resources are provided to prevent a healthcare catastrophe.


The shortage of medical supplies in Gaza has been an ongoing issue, severely impacting the quality of healthcare services. The Ministry of Health continues to appeal for international assistance and support to alleviate the suffering of patients and ensure the provision of adequate medical care.