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IOF launches several incursions in West Bank
IOF launches several incursions in West Bank
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched on Thursday a campaign of incursions in the occupied West Bank, which included confrontations and clashes in some areas, resulting in injuries from live bullets and several detains.


According to local sources, the detains included Imran Hijazi from Nablus, Muhammad Khaled Hammad, Alaa Farhana from Tulkarm, Ahmed Hisham Alyan, and Tariq Muhannad Al-Zubaidi from Jalazoun camp.


IOF stormed several towns and searched dozens of homes in Hebron, wreaking havoc on them. The Israeli occupation forces mobilized their forces and detained many Palestinians at the northern entrance of Hebron.


The Red Crescent reported that live bullets from the Israeli occupation forces injured a young man during confrontations in Sa'ir town near Hebron.


Violent confrontations broke out between young men and Israeli occupation forces, the occupation forces provided protection for groups of Israeli settlers storming Joseph's Tomb, where the forces detained the young man, Omran Hijazi, from his home in the northern mountain in the city.


The IOF stormed Jalazoun camp, north of Ramallah, and raided dozens of homes. They also detained several young men from the camp and transferred them to an unknown destination.


Red Crescent crews provided first aid to four young men who were injured by live bullets while confronting the Israeli occupation forces storming the Jalazoun camp.