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Health Ministry: 313 Palestinians killed as Israeli aggression enters second day
Health Ministry: 313 Palestinians killed as Israeli aggression enters second day
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Gaza Strip, ALRAY – The Israeli occupation army has launched barrages of aerial attacks on several areas of the besieged Gaza Strip, killing at least 313 Palestinian citizens, including dozens of children, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said early Sunday morning.

In a press statement, the ministry added that the Israeli occupation army also wounded 1,990 citizens, including hundreds of children, since it began its aggression against the blocked Gaza Strip on Saturday.

The ministry pointed out that its medical teams are working "at full capacity" to save dozens of critically injured people in operating rooms and intensive care units.

Israeli occupation warplanes conducted overnight a spate of aerial attacks on several residential areas across the densely populated Gaza Strip, bombing homes and apartment buildings. 

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation army bombed five homes across the blockaded Gaza Strip without prior notice, killing dozens of defenceless civilians, mostly women and children.

Israeli occupation jet fighters also struck multiple residential buildings in Gaza, including several high-rise towers, destroying dozens of housing units, media offices, and law and engineering firms.

Moreover, the Israeli occupation army targeted several government offices, banks, and mosques in overnight aerial attacks across the besieged Gaza Strip.

In the meantime, the Israeli occupation announced that it decided to cut off the supply of fuel and electricity and the transfer of goods to the blockaded Gaza Strip.