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Press statement by Government Media Office on Israeli bombing of al-Ahli hospital in Gaza
Press statement by Government Media Office on Israeli bombing of al-Ahli hospital in Gaza
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The deliberate massacre committed by the Israeli occupation in the Baptist (Al-Mamdani) Hospital is considered the massacre of the twenty-first century, and it is an extension of its crimes since the catastrophe of our people in 1948.


Until this moment, there are still body parts being recovered from the site of the Al-Mamdani Hospital massacre, which the occupation deliberately targeted directly, violating international laws, and so-called rules of war towards the displaced civilians seeking refuge there.


What happened can only be described as an inferno and the occupation's admission to Western media that its targeting of all locations in the Gaza Strip is politically and militarily approved, once again confirms its deliberate killing of civilians, children, medical and journalistic personnel, and its desire to commit an invasion inferno against our people that surpasses the crimes recorded by the Nazis.


This crime proves to the world that the occupation will not stop killing and destruction, and its appetite for more massacres remains open, without fear of punishment, accountability, or condemnation, as the world has failed to even impose a humanitarian corridor to bring basic necessities such as medicine, food, and fuel into Gaza to confront the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe and aggression.


We are witnessing the culmination of this humanitarian catastrophe with the depletion of essential life-saving supplies and the imminent shutdown of Gaza hospitals in the coming hours, which means that Gaza will turn into a mass grave for patients and the wounded due to the cessation of medical care, and the citizens due to the health disaster and the lack of food and water.


Salamah Marouf

Head of the Government Media Office

Wednesday, October 18, 2023