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Ministry of Health warns of fuel shortage
Ministry of Health warns of fuel shortage
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Gaza, Alray - The Palestinian Ministry of Health warned of severe shortage in diesel which is needed for running generators of hospitals and clinics.

The ministry said on a press statement on Tuesday that the available quantity of fuel reached to 20% which is enough only for four days.

The statement stressed on the dangerous impact of the fuel shortage on the vital work in the hospitals and medical centers.

Egyptian army corps of engineer have  closed the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza two weeks ago. The tunnels are the only choice of importing fuel  to  Gaza.

 Israel has  imposed a tightened blockade on the Gaza Strip  since 2006, banning fuel , building materials, and basic life necessities  from entering  Gaza.

Deputy minister of National Economy ministry Hatem  Eweda said ,on a press conference on Thursday, " Gaza faces a severe fuel  crises that affects several life aspects,"  adding that " its needs of fuel per day are up to 350 thousand liters of diesel fuel, and about 200 thousand liters of gasoline, noting that the existing amount of fuel allocated to run vital facilities such as hospitals".

Due to the continuous fuel crisis the electricity company was forced to cut the power for long periods reached 16 hours per day.