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Highlights from the Government Media Office regarding the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip
Highlights from the Government Media Office regarding the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip
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We remind the Israeli occupation of some victims of its massacres. He murdered infants, including Badr Abu Habib (3 months), Salama Abu Atiwi (8 months), Eliana Mukhaimar (8 months), Bilal Subh (1 month), and Hoor Al-Mamlouk (1 month).


The Israeli occupation committed crimes against several families, including: Malka family (17 members murdered), Baraka family (18 murdered), Ghbain family (19 murdered), Zenoun family (18 murdered), Kurd family (20 murdered).


The number of murdered Palestinians due to the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip reached 8,306, including 3,457 children and 2,136 women and girls, while the number of injuries reached 21,048.


The Israeli occupation committed 908 massacres against Palestinian families, resulting in thousands of martyrs. Since the start of the aggression on October 7th, 35 journalists, 124 medical personnel, and 18 civil defense rescue teams have been murdered.


The world, which used to rally for victims of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, is now silent in the face of the Israeli crimes being committed in Gaza.


Talks of increasing the number of trucks is an attempt to patch up an inherently flawed mechanism; the limited number being allowed to enter the Gaza Strip does not meet the urgent humanitarian relief needs.


Hospitals face a disastrous reality, as the Israeli occupation intensifies its threats and bombardments around the vicinity of al-Quds Hospital. It also increases its threats against al-Shifa Hospital and targeted the Turkish Hospital in the south of Gaza city, despite being protected facilities under international humanitarian law and Geneva Conventions.


The Israeli occupation committed this morning a crime in front of the world's eyes by shelling two civilian cars on Salah Al-Din Street, which posed no threat, murdering several civilians.


18,000 tons of explosives were dropped on Gaza, which are one and a half times the size of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.


Over 200,000 units were damaged, of which nearly 32,500 residential units were completely demolished.


The Israeli occupation destroyed 85 government headquarters, and dozens of public facilities and services. In addition, 203 schools sustained various damages, of which 45 schools got out of service.


The Israeli occupation continues to target churches and mosques, having completely demolished 47 mosques, while 102 mosques and 3 churches sustained partial damage.


Government Media Office

Monday, October 30, 2023.